mother 3 turns 10 this year

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Canada Goose sale Okay I had a rant that I need to get out and I warn you now if you love Damon you probably won buy canada goose jacket want to read this, but I feel the need to say this because of all the hate Caroline and Klaroliners get. Many people are offended and outraged that a relationship can be contemplated between Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes, Many of whom are also Damon stans and Delena shippers. There is also canada goose clearance sale the fact canada goose coats that there is a clear double standard when it comes to the Mystic Falls Gang feelings towards the immortal hybrid and their lax attitude towards Damon past behavior, none of which he has apologized for. Lets have a tally: Klaus crimes towards the people of Mystic Falls and Damon, centering around the Team (Stefan, Matt, Bonnie, Elena, Tyler, Caroline, Jeremy, and Alaric) I put the name of the MF gang member they hurt through their actions in brackets:1. Killed Jenna Summers in breaking his curse [Elena, Jeremy], Canada Goose sale

2. canada goose clearance Killed Elena Gilbert to break curse (she didn actually die)[all temporarily],

buy canada goose jacket 3. (or is it 3 15?) Killed the Twelve canada goose factory sale Hybrids [Tyler], buy canada goose jacket

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Canada Goose online 8. Tried to canada goose black friday sale drain Elena [All] Canada Goose online

Canada Goose Parka Okay yeah we get it he a villain, I would never try to claim otherwise I just pissed that he gets called a monster while at same time Damon gets called a hero. I know Klaus is a little monstrous, that is part of his character and without it he wouldn be the dangerous all powerful hybrid that most of us love, I just think that they shouldn (Fans and characters) have let Damon get of scott free in comparison.1. Tried to force Elena to kiss him through compulsion knowing she was with Stefan [Stefan, Elena] Canada Goose Parka

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