the most annoying word a sysadmin can hear

OK, I think I see your problem here.So, Fridays are READ ONLY, so obviously you can make any system changes, so you need to wait until Monday, but also, your clock must be off, because IT leaves at 2:30 on Friday. You must have meant 1:45, which means they calling in the middle of nap time, so they obviously can expect a response now.Couldn get into a system as an admin and found out it was due to a corrupted value Canada Goose sale in the DB.I contacted the DB team buy canada goose jacket and asked if they had a backup from about 4 months ago as we hadn accessed it since then. Also Canada Goose online in the email (second sentence) "this isn high priority because it apparently buy canada goose jacket cheap been down this long so it isn a pressing issue."Issue was fixed the same day approvals were put in place.Usually takes 3 4 days when dealing with these types of nonchalant requests. we upgraded last year, and even with at the elbow vendor support, the upgrade canadian goose jacket went HORRIBLE. their support and lack of timely assistance for every issue we ran into just killed our reputation as a reliable app/ we had a lot of issues where we told people "this is the workaround for issues 1 5, open a ticket for any other issues, we are awaiting Canada Goose Outlet patches/support from the vendor on issues 1 5"they would nag us about those first 5 issues, and never open more tickets. then we would have a monthly meeting and get railed on things we already had a workaround for, and get surprise railed about issues we had never heard ofthat was over a year ago this canada goose black friday sale still happens sighI think it gets me because, well, of course you emailed me to get advice from me your previous paragraph is full of questions directed towards me, it my job to canada goose answer them, and I not gonna simply ignore it. But adding the advise at the end is canada goose coats a call that I dumb and don know to answer your email with a response.It like if you never got beyond a 4th grade reading level it about as limiting in the workplace.I guess I just don understand why companies put up with it. Create a small, 10 question quiz "what is a mouse" (with pictures) "what is a desktop" "please type the following 15 sentences as quickly and accurately as you can" etc. and require all canada goose clearance sale new hires pass it.If someone can swing a hammer more than 10 times a day or tell the difference between a flathead and phillips screwdriver, you don hire them for a construction job, so why would you hire someone for a job working with computers when they have no idea what a computer is or how it works?If nothing else, it shows that the person you talking canada goose clearance to has no interest in learning anything new, which cheap Canada Goose doesn bode well for somebody trying to come into a new job.Maybe I just overreacting, though. Meh.Their training is based on learning the process by rote. Their trainer may or may not understand the underlying principles of the toaster, but in any case they only given a limited time to explain it. They aren going to go over everything slowly cheap canada goose jackets they going to reduce it to the bare bones to get all the necessary information covered in as short a time as possible.Once the canada goose store training is over, the user is now a fully fledged member of staff. They are put in front of a toaster, handed a loaf of bread and Canada Goose Jackets told to get cracking.They are expected to make a minimum number of slices of toast per day.So, they have this massively over complicated toaster. It has a hundred buttons, but for their job they only need one. It very easy to press the wrong button by accident, and if they do that the toaster will go into some other "mode" to do something other than make toast. It isn always immediately obvious how to return it into "toast" mode if you do this, or even that you done something wrong. Occasionally, it breaks down and the only way to fix it is for someone canada goose coats on sale to come out, mutter something about "rebuilding" and they swap it for a different toaster. If that happens, you unable to make toast properly (or even at all), possibly for many hours, but the number Canada Goose Parka of slices per day requirement doesn change. The person sat behind has exactly the same job and a toaster that looks identical, canada goose deals but dammit if that toaster doesn work at twice the speed.

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