"It's statistically quite damning."Asked why Brits aren't high on the work, she recited the list: early hours, long days, physical toll, seasonality, lack of affordable transport, "and, quite simply, the farms aren't in places with high levels of unemployment."And, unless you're a local, you live in a trailer. Often a nice trailer, with WiFi, but still.Maurel said some Brits work in less taxing farm jobs as logistics managers or office staff but even those higher paying, indoor jobs are mostly taken by Eastern Europeans these days.She said the rare British workers who give the fruit and vegetable harvest a try, "literally don't last a week."Hughes and three other university students are the only Brits harvesting berries at the Snell family farm this summer, out of a workforce of 300."That's quite something, isn't it?" said Christine Snell who owns the award winning, environmentally sensitive farm with her husband, Anthony. "We want to get the message across: If we could recruit British workers, we would, but we cannot."Snell drove a Washington Post reporter out to see these exotic British berry workers.

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