Before plunging back down again to a level just above $500. (Bitcoins trade 24/7 online.)By midday Tuesday, Bitcoin was back above $700, a 50 fold increase since the beginning of the year, when a single Bitcoin was worth around $13.The latest surge in Bitcoin has been fueled by investors, particularly those in China, betting on the future growth of the currency as a credible alternative.Related: Senate takes a close look at BitcoinBitcoin was created anonymously in 2010 as an experimental form of money that exists only online.The algorithm behind the virtual currency caps the total number of Bitcoins at 21 million. Currently, there are almost 12 million Bitcoins in circulation, giving the currency a total market value of almost $8.5 billion.Related: Bitcoin's tipping pointTwins Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, who have said they believe Bitcoin will be a better long term bet than gold and have filed paperwork to create launch a Bitcoin exchanged traded fund, predicted that the Bitcoin market could be worth up to $400 billion.How I make money mining bitcoinsThough Bitcoin has been gaining traction among investors and even consumers, government officials worry about the lack of regulation for the digital currency, especially since it's been commonly used for anonymously buying drugs and other criminal activity.Related: Donate to typhoon victims.

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