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News of Western Kansas Gets $50,000 From Estate Nickerson Woman Is Beneficiary Nickcrson A bequest of S50,000, of which Mrs. Anna C, McDill of Nickcrson learned Thursday, will not make any difference in her Way of life. "No, I don't know yet what I'll do with the money, and I expect to continue living here just as I have," Mrs. McDill answered queries. The bequest was a provision of the will of Mrs. McDill's sister in law. Mrs. Minnie Preston Baker, who died in Kansas City last Sunday. The will, disposing of nn estate estimated at $100,000, was filed in probate court at Kansas City Thursday. Mrs. McDill, a widow for several years, and her youngest daughter, Mrs. Max Brown, teacher at North Reno school, live together. The daughter's husband is a soldier stationed at Camp Campbell, Ky. Other sons and daughters of Mrs. McDill arc Mrs. Melvin Miller, Sterling; Baker McDill, Sterling; Howard McDill, Phoenix,! Ariz., and Mrs. Guy Blocher, j Pocatello. Idaho. Mrs. McDill learned Sunday that she was a beneficiary under her sister in law's will,. but the amount was not revealed until Thursday. She is the owner of two farms in addition to her property in Nickerson. Her brother 1. B. Baker, formerly a Louisville, Ky., tobacco company official, died several years ago. Many years ago he lived on a farm north of Nickerson. lis. Baker's will also provides $50,000 bequests to Mrs. Lotivia McDowell Harris, Kansas City, a sister, and to Mrs. Corrine Conday, Independence, Mo., a niece. Smaller sums go to other relatives Girl Denies Clothes Theft June Courtney Is Bound Over Judge Gerald C. Stover 1h(o Friday ordered Juno Courtney, Hutchinson, bound over to the Reno county district court for trial on grand larceny charges ns the outgrowth of a stolen clothing case. The girl's preliminary hearing lasted several hours and was followed by argument of attorney Bond in the case was placed at $500 and the defendant was committed to jail In default. Mrs. Irene Kerr, 201 East Ninth, told the court a coat, dress and slippers were taken from her house by Miss Courney after she and another girl spent the night there. Mrs. Kerr, wife ot a sailor, said she did not lend her clothing to others and insisted the garments were taken without permission. The defendant denied she intended to steal the apparel and maintained she merely borrowed it, intending to return it later. Guadalcanal or Grand Central, U. S. service men are getting their sleep where they find it. Lack of adequate sleeping accommodations in New York finds these soldiers and sailors snoozing on tha_ floor of the USO lounge in Grand Central station. Duty Harper Mr. and Mrs. John Schindler have received a tele gram from the war department announcing that their son, Pvt. Bernard P. He was injured white on duty as a military patrolman, on March 9. He was taken to the station hospital at Ft. Bragg, wherc he died Wednesday. The body will be brought here for interment. He was home on furlough only two weeks ago. In a letter written only three days before the accident he remarked there was much rain and that there had been a number of sccidents due to the cloudy and rainy weather. Gasoline On Pants Ignites, Burning Youth Hugoton Richard Farmer, 16, an employe at the White Eagle service station here was severely burned on his legs when his trousers, on which he had spilled gasoline, ignited as he backed to a stove to warm. The gasoline had spilled on the back of his trousers when he was filling a car tank. His life was saved, probably by Leo Betsworth, operator of the station. As the youth ran out o the station, his clothing afire, Betsworth caught him, and extinguished the flames. Airport Worker's Neck Broken In Car Skid Kingman Wm. Glockman, of Clay Center, is at the hospital here with a broken neck, as result of an automobile skidding on US 54, two miles east'of Midway junction. The coupe he was driving hit an icy spot and overturned and rolling over seven times in 150 yards. J He had been working on the new airport at Pratt. Two others with him, also airport workers, Joe Haworth, of Missouri, and Ersal Phelan of Salina, Okla., es caped with slight cuts. Dehydration Is Studied insas Farm Products To Be Used Manhattan (VP) The Kansas Industrial Development commission has given 525,000 to Kansas State college for further research on dehydration of farm products. A laboratory for the project will be established at the college under the direction of Dr. H. H. King, head of the department of chemistry and a member of the commission's technical group. "The war brings changes in food processing and although many products are marketed in dehydrated form, a number of problems still remain unsolved. Our research would involve study of dehydrators now in operation, physical and chemical changes in dehydration processes, and loss in vitamin potency," Dr. King Canada Goose Parka said in discussing plans for the research. "There are many advantages to dehydration. Spoilage of the products is greatly lessened. Dehydration Canada Goose sale of the essential foods reduces the weight to about one ninth of the original weight. Storage problems are reduced, packaging is vastly simplified, and no refrigeration is required. "There are eight plants operating in Kansas to dehydrate eggs for shipment to our allies and armies. There also are plants dehydrating Kansas forage crops for use in concentrates contained in emergency rations for the armed forces." Newton Graduation Two Weeks Earlier Newton Because of the war, the graduating date of Newton high school will be advanced to May 14, two weeks earlier than usual. The school board set the earlier date, at the request of the senior class, members of the class voting for the earlier graduation by vote of 141 to 17: The earlier date can be made possible, the seniors explained, by omitting the week of so called "vacation" for the, seniors, and by providing longer assignments of class work, to catch up with an other week. 'We want to get into the war effort sooner," declared the seniors. It will make it possible for the graduates to start in on the summer terms of colleges May 17. Go Ahead On New Airfield Work Order Issued On Jetmore Airbase Jotmore The go ahead signal has been given for construction of the enlarged air field south of Jetmore for the army air corps. The Haggart and Noel construction companies have the contracts. The larger field will cover approximately 800 acres. Two other satellite fields originally planned, to be located farther west will be abandoned. The field will be an auxiliary base, rather than a training field. A trailer camp will be located on a half block of ground owned by the city just north of the Main street bridge for housing families of workers at the new field. The new field will occupy parts of four sections of land. The government has purchased part of the land, where the work will start, and will acquire parts of two sections east, and a section north of the original site. Round Up Scrapiron On McPherson Oil Leases McPherson Another scrapiron drive is coming up. This one is being organized in McPherson county by the oil companies, to gather up scrapiron in the oil fields. Frank Zimmerman, production superintendent for the W. canada goose C. _Mc Bride, corporation, Canada Goose Jackets has been appointed chairman for McPherson county. One man will be appointed from each oil company operating in this county, on the committee, to be responsible for the collection of iron on his own company's leases. Meade Couple Almost Killed By Gas Fumes Meade Gas fumes escaping from a floor furnace almost caused the death of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Novinger. A son, returning home late at hight found his parents both very ill, both almost canada goose store unconscious. He telephoned relatives and then ran to the home of a neighbor and called him to the house. The neighbor suspected gas was escaping and called an official of the Argus Gas Co. He investigated and found a leuking gas vent. Mrs. Novinger svas overcome, It being half an hour before she could bo revived. Helium Gas Plant Near Cunningham Cunningham Surveys ore being made here and canada goose deals preliminary arrangements mude for building of a helium gas plant northwest of here. The plant would extract helium from gas used at the Skelly gasoline plant, for government use. A tract of ground has been purchased, it is understood, and it is planned to start construction about April 1. Run Over By Tractor; Child's Leg Is Broken Spivey The two year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Outhridge w.'n run over by a tractor being driven in a field by his father, and the child sustained a broken leg. The father was backing the tractor to canadian goose jacket hitch to a drill, and did not Know the child was near. Electric Shock Results In Man Breaking Back Syracuse Fred Jones, of Kendall, was knocked from a scaffold while working on a well, when an iron rod he was using contacted a high voltage electric power line. The current passed through his body, knocking him from the four foot scaffold, in an uncon scious condition. His back was broken in the fall, and he also was severely burned. He was brought to the hospital here in a serious condition. Lester Graves, at whose place the accident occurred, was working with him on the scaffold, but escapid injury. Evangelistic Work Conducted By Laymen Kinsley Three Kinsley churches, Congregational, Christian and Methodist, are uniting in a "Visitation Evangelistic Movement" during Lent. In addition to union church services, laymen of the three churches will carry on personal visitation work at the homes and calling on individuals. Young Hunter Shot ; Ness City J. C. McKinley, son ot Mr. and Mrs. Webb McKinley. of Ness City, was accidentally buy canada goose jacket shot in a thigh while hunting rabbits. Another boy shot a rabbit, the bullet passing through the rabbit and hitting McKinley. Name New City Clerk Dodge City Russell Hunter, manager of the canada goose clearance sale Rounds Porter lumber yard has been appointed city clerk to succeed Ralph Pitt man, who resigned to take a position at Denver. The First To Flic Dodge City First candidate for the municipal election here to file is Vern Kuhn, for re election as city finance commissioner. Cheaper Water To Encourage Gardening Spearville The city council, to encourage people to irrigate gardens has decided to cut the city water rates for five months this summer, starting April 1 and ending Sept. 1. The new rate will be $1 for the first 5,000 gallons and 15 cents per 1,000 above the first 5,000. Under the new schedule 10,000 gallons would cost $1.75 compared with $2.25 under the present rate. "Indications are we may have a dry spring, canada goose coats and that is why we are starting the irrigating rate April 1,'' Mayor Joe Knoebcr explained. Southwest 4 H Clubs To Again Have Camp Dodge City The Southwest Kansas 4 H club Camp association will hold a camp again this summer, at the Ford county lake, north of Wright, County Agent John Perrler announces. The camp formerly was held an nually at the state soldiers' home grounds at Fort Dodge, until last year when the Fort Dodge camp was ruined by Canada Goose online the April flood, which cut a new river channel north of the camp. congress and the British house of commons. Another important problem expected to demand attention is that of feeding and rehabilitating Europe to prevent chaos there after victory. curity bases each nation is ex to be aired include those of se Other subjects believed likely peeled to want in the Atlantic and Pacific after the war; Britain's attitude on reconstruction in its Far Eastern empire, including Hongkong, what plans it holds for India, and the disposition of former Italian territory in Africa; what place the Netherlands East Indies will hold when freed from the Japanese; and a means of meeting the nationalistic desires of both victorious and beaten European nations without sowing the seeds of another war. It has been emphasized here that while all these subjects might be considered quite fully the discussions would be purely exploratory and certainly not result in any treaties or hard and fast terri torial bargains, nor any united front demands by the United States and Britain. canada goose coats on sale Deaths Mrs. Rosa Christine Brown Mrs. Rosa Christine (3rown, Burrlon HFD 2, died in a Hutch inson doctor's office late Friday afternoon. She had been tinder treatment and had come to Jlutch Inson for consultation. Mrs. Brown was born in Lawrence March 13, 1877 and came to Reno county with her parents two years later. She had lived in the Pleasant Grove community since then. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs, Trade Kestler, 720 W. 11th, and Mrs. Jessie L. Pike, Nickerson; . three sons, Fred Brown, Nickerson, Frank Brown, Burrton, and Pvt. Harvey Brown ot the army; two brothers, George Carmlchael, Burrton, and John Carmlchacl, Hutchinson; and three sisters, Mrs. Frank Tucker, Haven, Mrs. Frank DeWaler, Burrton, and Mrs. Clyde Mflllack, Hutchinson, Mrs. It. II. Wagner Lorraine Mrs. B. H. Thursday after a month's illness. Tuesday at the First Baptist church here. Survivors arc her widower, president ot the Lorraine Slate bank; three daughters, Mrs. W. W. Mollhagen, Frederick; Mrs. R. C. Rolfs, Lorraine, and Mrs. Roy Dressier, Lyons; a son, Victor Wagner, Kinsley and five grandchildren. Mrs. Wagner, the former Allie Schrcpel, was born at Ellinwood. She had lived in Lorraine the last 5 years. Clarence C. Lickiss St. John Clarence C. Licktss, for the past 20 years engaged with his brother in the bakery business here, died Wednesday night at the Stafford hospital, where he was under treatment for an operation for hernia. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. Henry Daughcrty, of Las Vegas, Nev., and his brother, Frank, here. John Mills Russell John Mills, 83, retired farmer, and for many years director of the Russell State bank, died Thursday at his home here. Surviving are five children, Mrs. Edith Thielen and Neville Mills of Russell; Mrs. Adam Thielen and Neville Mills of Russell; H. F. Mills, Bunker Hill. at St. Mary's Catholic church here. The Hutchinson, Kansas, News Herald, Saturday, Match 13, 1943 Page 8 Seven Men Help Figure Taxes Local Office Handles Big Crowds Undo Sam has "greased the skids" for taxpayers this year. You lays down your figures and the boys with the indelible pen ells come up fast with astronomical figures. All you have to worry about is paying the bill. An army of taxpayers tramped upstairs nt Hutchinson post office Friday, and clicked through the turnstiles so fast the oldtime lines extending halfway to the soldier and sailor monument were lack ing. It looked ns if people weren t paying their income tax until you got in the busy internal revenue office. Seven Collectors In three adjoining rooms seven collectors were busy at seven desks. Around each desk was n handful of people, some with papers in their hands, others with only blank looks on their faces. Those with blank looks were given blnnks and told how to fill them out. Or if they had all the figures on 1942 income, number of dependents, how much interest they paid, etc., they gave them to Dave Stratton Kingman Dave N. Stratton, 69, pioneer of Hoosier township, and formerly a merchant at Brown's Spur, died at ElCerrito, Calif., from a stroke of paralysis, sustained five weeks ago. He was injured in a fall in December, and never fully recovered. He moved to California in 1936. Kansas Officialdom Satirized By Press Topeka (fP) The great and near great of Kansas officialdom were satirized at a Topeka Press club frying pan show Friday night. While many of the victims watched, club members enacted dramatic skits in which Governor Schocppel, Senators Capper and Reed, former Governor Landon and others were roasted. Sample scene The governor's office, with Secretary Bill Tur rentine trying cheap Canada Goose to keep out a batch of Kansas City, Kas., girls (played by newspapermen) who have come to show the governor that there is no immorality in their city. Another Young Mr. Smith, western Kansas legislator attending his first session, tries to explain his actions in Topeka to his constituents. At the end he mops his brow. Four incriminating aces fall out of his handkerchief. USO Center To Open At Great Bend Shortly Great Bend A USO center will be established here and in operation possibly by March 23. It will be located in a building formerly occupied by the Triangle grocery at the corner of Forest and Williams. The building now being remodeled for it. The regional headquarters at Chicago announced a director would be here within two weeks, to take charge. City Caucus Names Mayor fpr Another Term Lewis A citizens caucus here unanimously nominated Clifford Johnson, local merchant, for reelection as mayor of the city. W. S. Ruff was nominated police judge, and Ted Vanderree, canada goose clearance Frank Cramer, Dr. F. G. Mcckfessel, W. W, Bugger and Arthur Lee, all were re nomlnaled city council men, unopposed. Lot Of Bull In Court In An Insurance Case Pratt There was a good deal of bull about a case In district court here this weok. S. S. Phll l/ps was suing an Insurance company for the loss of n bull valued at $10,000. It had been found mutilated and cut up. Phillips was seeking to recover under on Occident insurance policy. Young Topekan Held On Bastardy Charge Robert Joseph Frederick, 19 was held in the county Canada Goose Outlet jail late Friday on bastardy charges brought in the city court through an ex. rei, action, filed on behalf of Verna Mae Harrison. Sheriff O. W. Stapleton and Deputy Victor Frazey stopped In Topeka and picked up Frederick while returning from Lansing where they took Freemont N. Barber, murderer sentenced to life imprisonment. The Harrison girl named Frederick as the father of her unborn child., A. McClcan Jetmore S. A. McClean, 69, resident of Hodgeman county for almost 35 yeans, on a farm a mile south of Hanston, died at a Dodge City hospital, after a long illness, the Hanston Methodist church. Dr. W. F. Hoover Johnson Dr. W. F. Hoover, 69, a physician in Stanton county canada goose outlet for thirty years, died at his home here. He had served as probate judge for several years, and at the time of death was county health officer. He had been a physician in Kansas for forty years. He was born near Quincy, Ks. Surviving are twod aughlers, Mrs. Zelma Stolz and Halcie, of Johnson, and a son, Wm. C, in Kansas City. Mrs. Frances Pierce Saxman Mrs. Frances Pierce 85, died at her home here Thursday. She was the mother of Mrs, Fred Jones of Lyons canada goose black friday sale and Dr. George Pierce of Nickerson. Funeral service will be at 2 p. m. Saturday at the Saxman church. Funerals John T. Veach Ellinwood Funeral service for John T. Survivors include his widow, Mrs. Minnie Veach, and the following children: Paul Veach of Hutchinson; Mrs. Nina Welch of Eureka; Mrs. Wilrna Manian of Wichita; Mrs. Marson French and Mrs. Sam Davis of Hoisington; Mrs. George Siefkes, Ellinwood, and Mrs. Sadie Casebier of Pueblo. Mrs. Mary Alexander Funeral service for Mrs. Mary Alexander will be at 3:30 p. m. Saturday at the Johnson and Sons chapel with burial in Fairlawn cemetery. Dr. Gordon Thompson will officiate. Butler Production Up Forty Per Ceut Butter production at the Ark Valley Cooperative creamery on South Main was up 40 per cent over last year during'February. The co op creamery churned 71 tons of butter during last month, an average of nearly three tons a day. During February of 1942 the butter output was 101,000 pounds as compared to this year's 142,000 pounds. Average price for butterfat paid by the co operatis e buy canada goose jacket cheap here was 5I?A cents per pound, net, at the farm. Buys Hodgeman Ranch Jetmore Howard Bentley, of Kinsley has purchased a 2,440 ncre ranch In Hodgeman county, four miles southwest of Jetmore. James A. Lewis Funeral service for James A. Monday at the Johnson and Sons chapel with burial in Eastside cemetery. Rev. L. M. Canfleld will officiate. S IDIC now 2 J SHOWING J ('all 0107 lur Show Tlmu Itoy llfltful i In 2 "IN OLD CALIENTE" h Clmitt. 0 "nick Tniry vi. Crime" m Comedy Curtmiii g STATE NOW SHOWING Call Ml (oi Sliow Wn The Rtmecrldcrs In "Riders of The West" Also Billy Hulop, Ann.

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