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cheap moncler jackets sale Viggy: Greetings, Robert and Chris! As we convene on this hot and muggy Tuesday evening, let us first thank whatever powers exist in this world for giving us a chance to continue writing this season. For significant stretches of games 6 and 7 of the Western Conference Finals, things were looking mighty dicey. cheap moncler jackets sale

Robert: We moncler sale were a hamstring pull away from it getting even dicier. What's the outcome if Paul doesn't go down?

Viggy: Speculatively, I say Warriors in five, six tops as they say, that is why you play the games. The Warriors were both victims and beneficiaries of injury luck this series, but at the end of the day, they triumphed over a very good Rockets team that had them on the ropes.

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moncler jacket sale All the chatter about the Golden State Warriors ruining cheap moncler sale the NBA and running away with the Western Conference title came to a screeching halt on Wednesday night, as the Houston Rockets out Warriorsed the Dubs en route to a smashing 127 105 victory. Despite Marv Albert's comments, the Rockets did not in fact reclaim home court advantage. However, they did add a pile of intrigue to a series that was lacking it less than 48 hours ago. To whit moncler jacket sale

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cheap moncler jackets Viggy: Greetings, Chris. It has been 205 and change days since the Warriors opened the season with a loss to the Rockets; now, the two teams square up in the Western Conference Finals with a spot in the NBA Finals at stake. Can I start by saying about damn time! cheap moncler jackets

cheap moncler outlet Chris: It already seems more than a match up of two good teams. It's already previewing itself as a match up of two deliberately contrasting styles of play and temperament. cheap moncler outlet

Viggy: Indeed. The Dubs and Rockets are analytically minded teams that have approached the exploitation of inefficiencies in the NBA in very different ways. For both teams, the maxims > 2 and range 2s > mid to long range 2s apply; however, the Warriors have such elite jump shooting talent that, against a league that desperately wants to chase them off the line, they are (in the loosest sense of the word) for midrange 2s while also continuing to rain fire from deep, with both types of shots coming from selfless screen setting and constant off the ball motion. Meanwhile, the Rockets are arguably the most lethal isolation team in history, and they also subscribe to the maxim throws > everything else By flanking James moncler outlet store Harden and Chris Paul with a bevy of shooters to space the floor and letting them go to work (with all the shenanigans that entails), they unlocked a whole new gear this season on their way to the number 1 overall seed in the NBA. It may not be but it sure as heck is effective.

Chris: And as I like to frame it (melodramatically): good guys (ball movement) vs. bad guys (ball hoggery). I thought I was making up "hoggery," but I just looked it up

"Definition of hoggery. plural es. 1 : a place where hogs are kept : piggery, hog house. 2 : hoggish character or manners : gross animality : greed."

moncler outlet uk Viggy: Amen to that my coworker (a longtime Rockets fan) puts it, he root for the team, but the antics (the flopping, the whining, the preening) drive him insane. For that, among many other reasons, I really hope the Warriors win. moncler outlet uk

Chris: About "the maxims 3 > 2 and close range cheap moncler coats 2s > mid to long range 2s" Kerr pointed out today, Chris Paul has been breaking that Houston rule himself lately. Paul's midrange game (often when Gobert was switched out onto him) was often decisive against Utah.

moncler sale Viggy: Totally. I think, as the Warriors have learned over countless postseason games over the last few years, the playoffs are a totally different beast from the regular season, in terms of scheduling, game planning, execution, and officiating. The Rockets have historically struggled to adapt, but they stockpiled a bevy of seasoned vets and youngsters who don know any better, and they dare to dream that this might be the year. Let talk a little bit about matchups, because there are a number of intriguing subplots to what should be a fantastic series. My first question: how do the Warriors match up against the expected Rockets starters (James Harden, Chris Paul, Clint Capela, PJ Tucker, and Trevor Ariza)? moncler sale

moncler outlet online Chris: Aha! ("How do the Warriors match up against the expected Rockets starters?") I submit, Viggy, that's a kind of expectedly trap wrong question! moncler outlet online

cheap moncler coats The Rockets begin moncler mens jackets every damn possession they can by trying to force a switch in match ups right from the get go. They hunt your worst defender, have his man screen for Harden, and only then begin to run their offense with Harden (or Paul) massaging the ball and looking to break down the weakest on ball defender they can force you to switch onto Harden (or Paul). And everything then commences from there. cheap moncler coats

So I submit that initial match ups (in a possession) matter far less than the fluid way your whole 5 man defense can counter punch actively what the Rockets are up to.

moncler jackets outlet Viggy: Ah, the perfect segue yes indeed, it truly matters little who who until the Rockets get the cheap moncler outlet switches they are hunting for. Given those constraints, what lineup do you think has the best chance at being able to effectively? And, if that lineup is what I think you think it is, does Steve Kerr roll it out from the opening tip, or is there a placeholder that can be reasonably effective until it comes time to play the trump card? moncler jackets outlet

Chris: I found it very interesting that Kerr auditioned Jordan Bell with 4 minutes left in the 3rd quarter of Game 5 against the Pelicans. Center play defensively is critical. Not so much for matching up in a one on one sense vs. Capela, but rather by having a defensive amoeba lineup on the court that can switch, rotate, get out on 3's, and, yes, anticipate and defend lobs to Capela. Anyone laterally challenged Houston will hunt. Anyone who can't fly out to a corner and then get back into the paint (and vice versa). Obviously there's the Hamptons 5. And Looney and Livingston, and, who knows Bell getting some of David West's minutes?

moncler factory outlet Viggy: I think it going to cheap moncler be a huge series for the likes of Looney and Bell (and maybe JaVale, who will at least give as good as he gets), and definitely not the ideal sort of matchup for the likes of and even David West. moncler factory outlet

moncler sale outlet Chris: I agree that JaVale will get a look. His buy moncler jackets problem won't be against Capela, but when Houston can force him to switch out on Harden monlcer down jackets or Paul. You don't have to be a low post defender against Capela. You have to defensively run the hell out of the floor against moncler outlet him. You have to screen him off. And, yes, you need the athleticism to compete against lobs to him but even more you need to "read" the timing for when to play the moncler sale outlet lob and when to meet Harden or Paul at the rim. JaVale and Bell have the athleticism. But Looney and Draymond the ability to "read" the situations. moncler sale outlet

moncler outlet jackets Viggy: In addition to that, Draymond and Looney are significantly less likely to commit the kinds of fouls that are a staple of the Houston offense, even (especially?) when chasing smaller guards and wings out along the perimeter. moncler outlet jackets

moncler outlet store Chris: Looney's an incredibly disciplined defender as is the freer spirited Draymond. And the W's will need all the stern self discipline they can muster (from everyone) to stay vertical and not reach in and break the plane of verticality against Harden. moncler outlet store

But cheap moncler jackets Houston's never faced a defensive team like the one they'll begin facing on Monday.

Viggy: I read online that this season, the Warriors have limited The Beard to roughly 6 free throw attempts a game in their head to head matchups, which is a minor miracle in and of itself. If that kind of focus and discipline holds up over the series, the Dubs should be in business. Let shift gears now and talk about what the Warriors will be able to do against Houston. What are you expecting from the Warriors on offense, and how do you expect Houston to try to discombobulate them?

Chris: I don't think Houston can discombobulate the W's offense. I think Houston's offense will feed the W's offense. Houston's doing things that D'Antoni's teams typically never do: (1) Slow tempo; and (2) defend. But Houston has to make (not just take) 3s. And the W's need to rush, close out, and defend those same damn 3s. Because when (not if) Houston misses 3s, the W's win run the ball back down Houston's throat for transition 3s of their own. And nobody shoots transition 3s like Klay and Steph (and soon KD again). Houston will try to slow tempo by drawing fouls and massaging the ball in the halfcourt. But when they burp up missed 3s, their attempt at slowing tempo ends.

cheap moncler Viggy: One of the exploitable weaknesses of these Rockets is exactly that their plans A, B, and C are all predicated around burping up a high volume of 3s; and while there are other nuances (like Chris Paul midrange game and Capela lobs), most of these are side effects of the 3 point barrage. In the few Rockets games I seen this season, when the 3s go down, they look unstoppable. But the phrase to the mean has real legs, and when the 3s stop going down, teams can make moves on them. If you weather the storm, there are opportunities to get back at Houston, moncler outlet online and I think the Warriors are uniquely equipped cheap moncler to match Houston 3 point shooting (and then some). cheap moncler

moncler outlet Another interesting subplot here is the notion of playoff pressure. I think that historically, many of the narratives around play in the NBA playoffs are manufactured and overblown, since it has been statistically proven that every medium to high usage player stats suffer a decline when the postseason comes around and it is hard to individually pick out a player amidst all the confounding variables and insist choked However, that isn to say that the narratives don weigh on the players, and the Rockets led by two players who, fairly or unfairly, are regarded as shrinking violets in the big picture of the NBA playoffs. Moreover, for the first time in forever (since the last Mark Jackson coached playoff series against the Clippers?), the Warriors are the underdog, which feels weird to even type! I gotten so accustomed to the pressure of defending home court in the first two games of playoff series that watching the Dubs play in Houston next week is going to feel strange. That is yet another source of pressure that Houston will have to cope with, while the Warriors can go in knowing that (ideally) a Game 1 victory or (still very good) a split on the road puts even more pressure on a team that is trying desperately to exorcise playoff demons moncler outlet.