man charged in playground shooting of sisters

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canada goose outlet ottawa When first ladyMelania Trumpreleased apamphleton Monday about children's online habits as a part of her newBe Bestinitiative,she gave some Twitter users deja vu.The booklet, "Talking With Kids About Being Online," is almost an exact replica of an Obama administration brochure specifically, a 2014 Federal Trade Commission booklet called "Chatting With Kids About Being Online," the Twitter accountThe Rude Punditnoted.Both booklets include nearly identical language on cyberbullying, hackers and oversharing online.Fun fact: The White House trumpets "Talking with Kids about Being Online" as "a booklet by First Lady Melania Trump and the Federal Trade Commission." Except for an buy canada goose jacket intro, it exactly the same thing Obama FTC put out. The most notable difference between the two pamphlets is that the one released Monday opens with a letter from the first lady about the lessons inside the booklet and ends with information on Be Best.Otherwise, though, the two guidebooks on cyberbullying share nearly the exact same content.Some observers have hailed Be Best as an effort by Melania Trump toforge her own path in the White House, separate from her husband, President Donald Trump, and his policies. The project is designed "to educate children about the many issues they are facing today," she told reporters at the unveiling in the Rose Garden on Monday.The current first lady previously relied on text from the Obamas in her2016 address to the Republican National Convention, where she repeated several lines from a speech Michelle Obama gave in 2008.People on social media are calling the pamphlets another example of Trump "plagiarizing" the Obamas and have accused her of being lazy. canada goose outlet ottawa

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