Sometimes a solo death romp turns into group sex

Necrophiliac crows that have sex with corpses are terrifyingly common

At least one crowmeo in this flock is likely to have a very a dark kink (Photo: Getty)Kaeli Swift, who’s studying for her PhD at the University of Washington, is interested in ‘thanatology’, which is the science of death.

But one fine day in April 2015 she saw a live crow approach a corpse before ‘thrashing in that unmistakable manner’. Now she’s finally published the results of a three year study which followed.

Mother killed ‘misbehaving’ daughter, 8, by giving her antidepressants canada goose uk black friday to calm her downIn a blog post called ‘Putting The Crow In Necrophilia’, she found the birds ‘sometimes touch, attack, and even copulate with dead crows’.

And that’s not all. Sometimes a solo death romp turns into group sex.

canada goose ‘In the most dramatic examples, a crow would approach the dead crow while buy canada goose jacket cheap alarm calling, copulate with it, be joined in the sexual canada goose uk shop frenzy by its presumed mate, and then rip it into absolute shreds,’ she wrote. canada goose

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canada goose clearance sale ‘I freaked out a lot of Seattle residents wondering why there was a woman with a camera, binoculars, and some dead animals loitering in front of their house for long periods of time,’ she added. canada goose clearance sale

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canada goose black friday sale Instead, she speculated that crows simply become a bit overexcited when encountering a dead body and behave in an unusual way because they’re essentially responding to a dead animal by behaving in a range of separate ways at once. canada goose black friday sale

buy canada goose jacket cheap ‘What we think happens is that during the breeding season, some birds simply can’t mediate a stimulus (the dead crow) that triggers different behaviours, so instead they respond with all of them,’ she This may be because the crow is less experienced, or more aggressive, or has some neurological issue with suppressing inappropriate responses. buy canada goose jacket cheap

canada goose coats ‘Only more experiments will help us determine what makes this minority of birds unique, and whether expressing these seemingly dangerous behaviors are the mark of the bird that is more, or less reproductively successful in the long haul.’ canada goose coats

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Молодцы ребята так держать!!!

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15 марта в ННГУ им. Лобачевского состоялась областная конференция по защите проектов «В ЛЕСУ РОДИЛАСЬ ЁЛОЧКА — В ЛЕСУ ЕЙ И РАСТИ!».

15 марта в ННГУ им. Лобачевского состоялась областная конференция по защите проектов «В ЛЕСУ РОДИЛАСЬ ЁЛОЧКА — В ЛЕСУ ЕЙ И РАСТИ!». На защиту прибыли ребята от 15 детских организаций (школы, детские сады, центры творчества). Защиту нашего школьного проекта «Во спасение живой ели!» достойно представили ученики 7Б класса Веряева Юлия и Чикин Андрей. Мы заняли 1 место!

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11 марта 2014 года в ДК «ТЕМП» состоялось итоговое мероприятие, посвящённое Году охраны окружающей среды.

11 марта 2014 года в ДК «ТЕМП» состоялось итоговое мероприятие, посвящённое Году охраны окружающей среды. На данном празднике состоялось награждение Благодарственным письмом Арзамасской Городской Думы Нижегородской области учителя биологии Сазоновой Галины Геннадьевны за активное участие в городских природоохранных мероприятиях, проведённых в рамках Года охраны окружающей среды, и  Благодарственным письмом Главы администрации города Арзамаса ученика 10 класса Шашкова Владислава за активное участие в акциях, конкурсах, олимпиадах экологической направленности.

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At least two jurisdictions Australia and Washington State have

Carbon taxes fail to satisfy the smell test for voters

Why are carbon taxes so unpopular? According to the latest World Bank report on carbon pricing, 23 canada goose coats on sale countries have carbon taxes (another dozen jurisdictions have only emission trading systems like the one recently dropped by Ontario). At least two jurisdictions Australia and Washington State have disbanded carbon tax proposals in recent years. Another carbon tax will see its death if Alberta Conservative party leader, Jason Kenney, has his way in 2019.In contrast, 176 countries have targets for renewable energy and/or energy efficiency and 110 jurisdictions have feed in tariffs. With relatively so few countries using carbon taxes, a new paper published in WIREs Climate Change asks why this is the case a question to which Canadian politicians should also pay attention this coming election year. Quebec and Nova Scotia). The case for carbon pricing is based on minimizing economic costs associated with controlling GHG emissions. Many economists argue that only a single price on carbon Canada Goose Outlet is needed canada goose clearance sale to control emissions since businesses and consumers will find the best technologies to reduce costs with as little government intervention as possible.Any tax revenue can be recycled to reduce the punitive impact of carbon pricing on household budgets and business costs. Emission trading Canada Goose Parka used in Europe, North America, China and New Zealand requires canada goose black friday sale large emitters to buy or be given free allowances from governments to emit up to a limit.Those with emissions in excess of the limit could invest to reduce emissions or, if cheaper, buy credits from those businesses with emissions lower than their limit. Emission trading systems also have two flaws carbon prices are volatile and the system only applies canada goose deals to large companies, leaving other emitters exempt.Thus carbon taxes canada goose store are recommended to provide price certainty and be applied widely to smaller companies and households. Despite the appeal among policy elites for carbon taxation, carbon taxes do not satisfy the smell test for voters.Why is this the case? Based on voter surveys around the world, the WIREs paper outlines five reasons as to why carbon taxation cheap Canada Goose politically fails: (i) the levies are regressive, hitting lower income households most, (ii) voters are worried about competitiveness and employment effects, (iii) voters view the personal costs as too high, (iv) carbon taxes are believed to be ineffective in reducing emissions, and (v) governments can be trusted.The first two criticisms in principle can be dealt with by offsetting policies such as grants or tax cuts. However, governments often limit support Canada Goose sale to low income households leaving many with average income bearing high energy costs. Further, business support is often targeted at political favourites as recently seen with the federal government announcement awarding higher limits to selective industries.It is the last three criticisms that especially make carbon taxation an uphill battle. Unlike subsidies and regulations, voters perceive carbon taxes as increasing their personal costs. Large businesses and the wealthy are better able to contend with carbon canada goose clearance costs while canada goose outlet smaller firms canada goose and the general public have fewer alternatives for transportation and heating.Carbon taxation is also inconsistent with the objective of achieving emission reduction targets. Taxes will raise fuel, electricity and heating prices but other factors such as the business cycle and energy price volatility will also affect emissions.Thus carbon taxation is viewed as ineffective if emissions do not fall as in the case of British Columbia with growth coming back after the 2008 recession and sharp decline buy canada goose jacket cheap in energy prices.Moreover, governments are unwilling to forgo regulatory and other interventionist policies, showing little confidence in the effectiveness of carbon taxation.So why have it? Most important, voters don trust governments who so often break their promises. A government might argue that carbon revenues will be used to reduce taxes or provide buy canada goose jacket a certain subsidy. But with no ironclad way to make sure the revenues are earmarked for a purpose, a government can easily use the money to expand their budgets and increase the size of the bureaucracy. and Alberta brought in their canada goose coats carbon taxes, they promised that revenues would not be used for the general budget.Both provinces have now backtracked, increasing cynicism among voters. These arguments underlying the political fragility of carbon taxes leave out another important dimension: non transparency.Taxes are perceived by voters to impose costs canadian goose jacket on them but tax financed subsidies and price distorting regulations are less transparent to voters Canada Goose Jackets in terms of their economic cost.Governments purposely fail to measure the implicit price associated with various regulatory and subsidy policies hoping to fool people about their cost. For example, studies have shown that electric vehicle subsidies have a carbon tax equivalent cost of over $600.Why not? So here is a thought. No carbon policy should be adopted without Canada Goose online an official carbon tax equivalent price. The methodology should also be published so that interested parties can review and challenge it. Let government explain why they choose some policies with high costs over others.And if voters prefer some policies over others so what? Carbon taxes and emission trading systems are not a must so it is key that voters be informed about policy costs. Otherwise, carbon taxes will remain unpopular and deservingly so.

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The last two days unfold in Denver and the foothills with a

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moncler sale Back in early January, Cure says Robles quoted him $1300 to stucco his entire house and then asked for $500 up front moncler outlet online to get started. But after starting the job, Robles abandoned the project and never finished, even though he keeps saying he will. Cure adds, «He had a dozen excuses already.». moncler sale

discount moncler jackets There’s plenty of that in the wacky promotional stunts, but it’s the underlying drama that holds our attention. There’s also a continual stream of witty references to both Rocky and Raging Bull to keep us smiling with nostalgia, from the training montages to drinking raw eggs. Armijo as Bar Thug, Todd Truley as Dr. discount moncler jackets

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cheap moncler jackets womens LaGuardia Airport is located on the waterfront in Queens overlooking Flushing Bay and Bowery Bay. It was built over the old Gala Amusement Park in 1939 and quickly became an integral part of the Northern Queens community. Within its walls contained a florist, beauty salon, bank, jewelry shop, and brokerage office for travelers. cheap moncler jackets womens

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Sant’Orsola Terme TN ILMETEO

Meteo ITALIA: ultime ore di MALTEMPO al CentroNord, nubifragi e Neve a quote basse moncler outlet serravalle fino a sera seleziona provincia Bolzano (BZ)Trento (TN)Comuni e localit in provincia di Trento (TN)

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Месячник военно-патриотического воспитания в школе.

Февраль в нашей школе –это время проведения традиционного месячника военно-патриотического воспитания. Читать дальше >

In one letter of support provided to the court

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